What’s in a Name? – Galaxy 11:11

spacefractal1Naming “Galaxy 11:11,” was a very interesting process, indeed.  

Altair, Vega and Deneb, were the first images in my Galactic collection to appear.  

The stunning trio of panels turned out to be quite a sensation in the interior design world. Many requests came for more space like fractals, so I began to download my second.

At first an orb came through and then another orb came through. I thought, “Boring” and questioned, their point? (Pardon the pun!) Then a formula created a texture which highlighted the big orb with a sensational bright and glowing orange melon color. I began to experience it as a work in progress.

When it appeared to be finished, without yet a name, I made a test copy. The general consensus commented saying, “Yes! Print it!”

But I had to be certain. So I waited…

One evening, the image spoke to me in a way that I knew it was ready to become public, or “be born.” That’s really how I refer to them, “to be born.” To me it is much like a birthing process.  The fractal comes through me and I bear witness to its becoming itself. And then in turn, I have to wait for the name to come through.   

spacefractal2At times, naming a fractal can certainly be an undertaking.  Sometimes they come through very quickly other times they seem to take forever.

Galaxy 11:11 was no exception – taking forever.

In fact it got to the point where I had spent so much time trying to figure out the name that it just became too complicated and nothing would come through that Matrix. I spent time looking through astronomy books, astrology books, and an array of pictures of nebulas from the scientific community, all in search of a name.

I viewed beautiful constellations and star clusters, brilliant gaseous exchanges of colors—sporting names like, “cat’s eyes” and “nebula 4295…”  

Nothing seemed to neither fit nor trigger a memory of its original existence. Frustrated, and with the print on order, nothing was coming through!  

The print arrived in a huge wooden crate and the time came to present the unveiling and official hanging on the wall at the gallery–still, no name.

Because the print was sized at 26” x 52” it had to be shipped in a custom made wooden crate. I had to charge my power drill and arrange for a friend to come not only help me hang it but to also open the coffin it was sealed in.

Early one morning, we arrived at the gallery.  We took out the big ladder, and managed to get the bolts in the wall. That was a project.  We were just about ready to hang the print when I looked at my friend and said, “you know, we’re going to have to come back and pull this off the wall before somebody buys it because I don’t have a name for it yet, and I have to put the name on the back before I sell it.” He just looked at me and said, “Are you serious?”

It was being hung so high up on the wall that just putting it up there was going to be a challenging feat of balance and skill. Nonetheless, I decided I would sign it and hang it without its name, despite my friend’s remorse.

Meanwhile, some customers had walked into the gallery and started talking up a storm with each other. One of them turned to me and asked, “Do you know what today’s date is?” I looked at them and said, “Yeah I sure do it’s 11-11.”  

I turned to my friend and said with excitement,  “That’s it! That’s the name! Galaxy 11:11!”

Now, I ask each and every one of you, “How many times have you randomly looked at a clock and the time says, “11:11?” Some say it’s the sign of the Angels. ..

Be blessed on your galactic journey. Wherever you may travel.

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