The Miracle of The Bath MEETS The Mastery of Art

mayan shadows

Perhaps, The Bath is the single most important installation in the house, although it is often the very last to be decorated.

The Bath is so-o many things: Sometimes it is closed tight and intimate, locking up the Spirit in a protective dim glow.  Other times, it is gloriously spacious beckoning the brilliance of a new day.  Nonetheless, we enter desperate to rid ourselves of the toil and stress of daily struggle with urgency.

The Miracle of the Bathroom is in the stoic silence it possesses; awaiting our most pressing need. The Bath offers us the stepping stone into a zone of comfort, a place of rest and repose.

In The Bath, our soul purpose is to. . .

Renew, Rethink, Rewind, Release, Relax, Reinvent and Rejuvenate.

As we give up the old and tired exterior, magically we restore a vital interior part of ourselves.

The Mastery of Art in The Bath is in the unimposing message it carries.  The Bath Art creates an ambience conducive to our collective needs.  An artistic selection would best reflect calmness and low energetic movement. Contrast and clutter are unacceptable.

A fine choice for The Bath might be one of these. . .
MOM FROM THE LOTUS is an unimposing array of rich and luscious browns showcased by a hint of bronze flair. These melted chocolate waves traverse the surface and offer us a moment of reprise and contemplation.  When we gaze into its labyrinth, we are swept along a trajectory.  The energy follows us, guiding us as we delve deeper into our own thoughts.  As the exterior world melts away, we are gracefully welcomed inside our own Temple. Here, we can be at peace.


PHETOOSH is a charmer for The Bath.  While maintaining its elegant appearance which suggests a slab of quality Italian marble, the colors and energy of this image are bold and daring. The nonsymmetrical patterns have neither beginning, nor end.  Soft and soothing infusions are eye-pleasing hues of terra cotta and beige inviting the Spirit to be free.  We tune into a crystalline source of earthly beauty and grace that grounds and surrounds us as we enjoy private time.

MAYAN SHADOWS immerses us in water.   When we require an ocean in the palms of our hand, it gives us blue serenity, a calm so subtle, we forget its presence but feel the immense force of its nature. With a blend of golden brown the hints of sand along the ocean floor, we watch our feet sink deeper into the Earth that centers us.

mayan shadows

Indeed, we have many rooms in the house. And each room contains a different energy.  Each has a rank of importance. Consider the benefits of raising the ranks of The Bath to a higher elevation.  Adorn it with a stunning image by NJoyFractals.

NJoyFractals © 2016

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