Sedona’s Healing Energy- Sacred, Spiritual & Cosmic Art

Nina Joy Rizzo is the creator of colorful peace-enhancing geometric designs known as FRACTALS—repeated shapes that mirror the symmetry in nature and the force fields surrounding us. Every Fractal is alive and breathing. They are living keys of color that open doorways to inner secrets. Each piece is infused with the healing rays of the Angels. Fractals radiate soothing energy and have a positive effect on your vibrational frequencies; JUST TUNE IN

By using Complex Math, Quantum Physics, Vibrating Colors, and Cellular Intuition Nina Joy creates her world famous NJoyFractals. Once completed, she infuses Angelic Healing energy into each compelling image. Nina Joy’s vision is to capture the energetic resonance and frequency of the colors which captivates her audience and speaks to the individual at an unconscious and higher soul level. At least one is bound to speak to you. Don’t just“See the colors”“Listen to them.”

I live in Sedona, Arizona – Home of the World Famous Red Rocks and Healing Energy Vortexes.

I create my Healing Energy Spiritual Sacred and Cosmic Art – NJoyFractals – in alignment with Three of the Five World Famous Healing Energy Vortexes; Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Hi There!  My name is Nina Joy Rizzo and I have been playing with COLOR, TEXTURE and MOVEMENT as long as I can remember.

I have made Company Logo’s, EMF Blocker’s, Commissioned designs and Personalized Fractals from your Own Energy Field-

Find your perfect colors today click the “Shop” tab and have fun decorating any wall in your living space.

Create A Colorful Day!
Nina Joy

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