My Inspiration

During a deep meditative state I first saw fractals, although at the time, I had no idea what it was I was seeing! It was my thirtieth birthday, and I had chosen to sit at a cozy and beautiful grassy spot on the ledge of a mountainside in Palm Springs, California. It was my favorite spot to sit and meditate. From a deep state of mind, I saw an image that I can only describe as a tile that was spinning in air. It had suddenly appeared from the corner of my right eye and looked like a piece of bread being thrown into the air as it went into a spin before me. As it was spinning, I could see its colors. The colors appeared as big blobs of red and blue. The tile finally came to a stop far out into the distance. I was attracted to it but honestly it had no special significance to me. Then, out of nowhere, from the corner of my left eye at the edge of my peripheral vision, another tile began spinning wildly. It spun over to the first tile and locked neatly on to it as it came to a stop; the two had a smooth landing. The tile was also colorful but was quite different from the first. This too meant nothing to me. Then, a third tile moved into sight spinning from the right side and locking into the first two. And, then a fourth tile came from the left, followed by a fifth from the right. I could see that each one was different in color. They stacked themselves neatly one on top of the other. Once they did this a magnificent design appeared. I got to see the most beautiful kaleidoscopic image. I stared at it for quite some time. I somehow disengaged the tiles from each other in order to inspect them individually. Then I put them back together again to appreciate their collective design. Separately they meant little or nothing, but together they seemed to mean something very important. After further gazing, in the center of the image an opening appeared and I heard a voice say, “This is the key to the universe. All you need to do is figure out how to stack the tiles and they will form a vortex for you to pass through. It will take you where you need to go and will provide a key to the universe; your universe, the universe as you will come to understand the meaning/mystery/the message.”

For years I carried that memory with me of that day and I hoped that one day I would understand its meaning. Eighteen years later, during an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Course, the vision suddenly came back to me with new insight.
Although I started to make fractal art before taking the IET course, it wasn’t until that moment when I put it all together. It happened in a brief discussion at the end of the class with my teacher that a door to the mystery opened. I was showing her some of the fractals in printed form and began to explain how I made them. We discussed their value and the usage of the fractals when she asked me what had inspired me to create these beautiful images. She added her observations by saying, “To me, they are like keys, insignias, stamps or seals.” That’s when it happened as she was referring to the patterns as “keys” that it triggered the memory of the long-ago mediation experience, eighteen years before.

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