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Interior design requires a great amount of focus on individual appeal and style.  A large art wall piece is a great starting point for any room, whether you are seeking to re-vamp a room in a minimalist, abstract, or original style.  For anyone who is an architect, interior designer or a stager for a model home, I have a variety of large art wall pieces in every style available to suit yours and your client’s specific needs for a space.



Often when staging a model home, for example, a minimalistic appeal is best so not to make the art too overwhelming for the home buyer.  As a stager, interior decorator and architect it is crucial to not overwhelm the potential buyer sometimes as it may inadvertently steer them away from a major purchase.  Something light and not too poignant is a great choice when you are simply trying to place art and furniture in a home that will not remain there for the home buyer. A great example of one of my art pieces that will fit in perfectly as a display and still is plenty attractive enough to anyone who will buy it once a model home is cleared out to sell is my Marble White Print-“Phetoosh”.  This piece has a subtle undertone suitable for plain walls that is eye catching, but not too bold.  It will fit in well at a model home and someone who has a pre-existing home with a minimalistic approach will consider it as well for purchase. For detailed information on this piece, visit my etsy store at:

For those seeking a classic original piece, any interior decorator or architect is sure to be drawn to my Altair, Vega & Deneb 3-panel large wall art set. It has a warm and inviting color and texture which will look wonderful in any client’s home who loves the earthy look and feel.  It is the kind of large wall piece that really speaks to you and is sure to be noticed by your client.  One that can really tie an entire area together and make a normally bland wall shine.  For more info on this piece, follow the link to my store at:

For those clients seeking a bright, vibrant piece full of detail and spark a more abstract piece is the way to go, and the larger the piece the better.  I have a few different large wall art pieces to choose from which are of particular appeal to most architects out there seeking the perfect addition to a space just begging for mystical and awe-inspiring color. Both can also be found on my etsy store at: and

No matter what genre of art you are seeking, you are sure to find a delectable and appealing array of large wall art to compliment any living or office space out there.  Large art can really make a room transform from dull and mundane to dazzling and attractive just by being present. No matter what your needs as a professional in the decorating and building industry, you can’t go wrong with my original work.

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