Fractals and Autism



By Nina Joy

Colors play an interesting and important role in healing illnesses and promoting well-being for those who cannot adapt to standard teaching practices. Color healing is therapeutic and beneficial to give alternatives to the standards of medical practice. Our entire lives are focused around colors- our moods, auras and ways we view things are reflected through color.  When dealing with health issues, color therapy is a wonderful solution for many.autism-generic

Colors and Autism

Autism is a terribly debilitating disease that makes it difficult for the sufferer to function and learn the same as others do.  Color therapy has been proven to be effective in teaching autistic children a variety of necessary learning tools.

Color can be used in replacement of the alphabet for someone who is autistic.  While an autistic child may have difficulty learning, remembering and understanding letters, they do understand colors.  A color can signify a letter for someone who is autistic and aids them in communications as a result.

This method can continue to apply to objects so a person with autism can better communicate.  For instance, if they are taught that the color red is associated with an apple they are learning that red means apple or food and may even associate it with the letter A.  Replacing words with pictures and colors is a much easier way for an autistic child to communicate than words and letters are.


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