Colors and Relaxation


In ancient history, color significance was much more prominent than it was today.  Certain colors were associated with certain auras and emotions without the use of words or letters.

Today, although we rely mostly on words to communicate, we still rely on certain colors to set the tone of a room, our clothing or our personalities. It has been proven that different colors do have different effects on us.   maxresdefault

Red is a color considered to be one of celebration in Asian and Middle Eastern countries, from celebrating good luck to using it in weddings. Pink, orange and yellow are considered stimulating colors for us and promote confidence, motivation, communication and heightened memory.

Blue is considered a calming color.  Just like the ocean and sky can be relaxing for us, so can the color blue itself.  It is considered to be a color which will calm us and even has a sedating effect that can make our body cool down.

Green is a color that reduces anxiety, depression and nervousness.  The color green can relax both our souls and bodies simultaneously.  A forest for instance, full of tall green trees, is very therapeutic to us, and that is in part because of the color green.

While purple is a secondary color and simply just a mix of red and blue, it has its own unique combination of either providing us relaxation or stimulation.  This really depends on the exact shade of purple.  For instance a dark purple or rich violet color is usually a stimulating color for us. However, lavender is a very calming one.

In general, cool colors are considered the most relaxing, while warm colors offer the most stimulation. So, if you are looking to create clothing, decor and peaceful areas that are relaxing, the best choice is picking from cool colors.


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