Colors and Meditation


By Nina Joy

Just as certain colors are relaxing and others are stimulating, there are certain colors we can use when practicing meditation as well. We can use our chakras when meditating which are all associated with the 4 earth elements: Earth, air, fire, water, ether, spiritual awakening and enlightenment.  All these chakras can be found within us and around us both and there are colors which are associated with each chakra.

Red for instance represents the root chakra. Within us, the root of us is considered our spine in meditation.  It is what gives us stability and strength and is our life force.  Focusing on the color red and our root chakra provides us with the opportunity to get rid of anger or frustration.meditation

The color orange and its chakra is centered around our naval and promotes focus on emotional and physical pleasure, relationships with others and sensuality.

The color yellow can help us focus on positive things, our happiness and make us feel physically and mentally better.  The chakra within us is located just below our breastbone.

The color green is matched up with our heart chakra and is in our chest.  This is the color and chakra combination that promotes love, caring, peace and healing.

The color blue and the chakra associated in our throats helps with our confidence and how we express ourselves.

The color indigo is what is associated with the third eye chakra in the middle of our foreheads. This helps increase our peace of mind and intuition levels.

The color violet is connected to the crown chakra on top of our heads.  It helps us feel more aligned with our world.

Meditating with one specific color can help alleviate whatever troubles we may be feeling that is linked to that color and chakra.  It is also possible to meditate with all colors. Taking time to focus on each individual color and nothing else but that color, going through them all one by one, can be a wonderful way to benefit.  It can help us to process out all the bad and focus on the good. Meditating with color in general will give us a heightened sense of awareness and provide us the clarity we need to work through life’s problems.


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