spacefractal1Naming “Galaxy 11:11,” was a very interesting process, indeed.  

Altair, Vega and Deneb, were the first images in my Galactic collection to appear.  

The stunning trio of panels turned out to be quite a sensation in the interior design world. Many requests came for more space like fractals, so I began to download my second.

At first an orb came through and then another orb came through. I thought, “Boring” and questioned, their point? (Pardon the pun!) Then a formula created a texture which highlighted the big orb with a sensational bright and glowing orange melon color. I began to experience it as a work in progress.

When it appeared to be finished, without yet a name, I made a test copy. The general consensus commented saying, “Yes! Print it!”

But I had to be certain. So I waited…

One evening, the image spoke to me in a way that I knew it was ready to become public, or “be born.” That’s really how I refer to them, “to be born.” To me it is much like a birthing process.  The fractal comes through me and I bear witness to its becoming itself. And then in turn, I have to wait for the name to come through.    Continue reading →