When I began making my Fractal Art, one of the many ideas given to me was to consider Interior Design and Home Décor. I often heard, “Ohhhh, great colors! Nice designs.”  “Those would make lovely fabrics or drapes…”

It was with those seeds, which were planted in my head years ago, that kept me determined to keep that vision in mind. I was certain to get to that crossroad…but when and how to do it? Were the questions.

A client who was an artist and made bronze cast sculptures, saw some of my pieces and suggested I apply to be juried in to the local gallery, where her art was on display.  I did, and much to my surprise, my art was accepted. The jury was a group of matured, established, married, and mostly retired artists– all the things I was not. I was young, extremely colorful and my fractals were different than anything they had ever seen. Only one juror knew what fractals were. Regardless, this was one of my first ventures working with experienced artists, and pretending not to be intimidated, I did my best to just fit in and find a way to belong to this new group of beautiful people.

My art was on officially on display beginning the month of a particular November.  My first group event with the gallery was for a White Elephant Gift Exchange Christmas Party where all 44 artists would get together for a pot luck dinner and exchange presents at one of the artists’ homes.

The party was hosted in a custom mansion built into the magical and stunning red rocks of Sedona, by the actual owners/artists themselves. It was overwhelming just pulling up the driveway …the view as you spiraled to the entrance left you speechless and captured every bit of the 360-degree view as you approached the fortress. Wow.

Let me get inside…

Inside, you saw the view.

A few walls in the distance going down the hallways led to other areas in the house. But the party was in what was called, the “view room.” Seriously, it was floor to ceiling windows with just enough wall in between to pass building safety codes. Mouth agape, I tried not to feel awkward, but I couldn’t help it. Was I even dressed up enough to stand in this living room? It looked like diamonds were embedded in the carpeting it sparkled when any light hit it. The place was phenomenal.

The kitchen.

Imagine the one I grew up in, it looked like this; A Formica table and counter tops, easy to clean and durable. A rug in front of the sink to catch the water drips so the floor didn’t turn black. The kitchen is my spot of comfort in any one’s home. But I’d never seen anything like this one before. The arrangement and set up was to the owner’s comfort and it showed. It was a half circle kitchen. The long oval island which separated the dining room and the kitchen contained its own sink, dishwasher, cabinets, wine racks and food warmer. The walls of the kitchen were built with stone and an open brick pizza oven donned one of the ends as a spire, spouting the smoke through the roof as well as creating heat for the room. It was at full blast and delicious pizzas were coming out every 12 minutes.

The kitchen floor, which was all marble, hosted a 4-inch-thick pad just wide enough and perfectly fit along the floor edges and under the cabinetry, allowing the chef to stand on cushion, rather than the marble, as beautiful as the marble was.

There I stood, hanging out in an established arena of artists, some much more well-known than others. I was a lot younger than they were. My art was different. I was different. I was pioneering something refreshing, new and Avant-Garde. They didn’t understand and really, only a few wanted to know what a fractal was…

“Math is the language with which God wrote the Universe,” said Galileo Galilei.

“These are codes. Pieces of Sacred Geometry written in Fractal Mathematics. Everything is energy and written in numbers, including our DNA.  Computers read and speak via codes of numbers. We are all fractals,” I explained to them.

I tried to keep it simple, saying, “Complex codes creating fabulous colors.” Five words, still over their heads…

But ok, not a big deal. I still found my comfort in the kitchen, again…not for the food or preparation this time, but for the conversation. A few approached and tossed out a question to me…I replied in such heady explanations that they thought I must be a math genius, or scientist of a sort…How did numbers make colors…they couldn’t get it.

The more they drank, the easier it became for them to chat with me. They were certainly curious about me, and were finding a way to approach me. The ones who did found me quite funny and brilliant, and we all laughed together.  They asked great questions and I explained my understanding of the new age shift going on, bringing in the research and science of how in fact energetically, we are all changing at a cellular level. I shared that my art was in fact, played a significant role in working with this shift and energetically challenging and changing times. That they are used for meditating. I explained to a few how I created my Fractals– sitting is a grounded state, much like an intuit who communicates with words.  That I do something very much the same, except I see information in shapes and colors and it is with these puzzle pieces I create these vibrating images. A few hung out long enough to also hear that my fractals were portals and I work with the angels of the healing ray downloading angelic energy into each piece as I go, and at the end to assure its frequencies. Several, just shook their heads, stumped. A few never even cared to speak with me. They seemed to just scoff me off as a probable fly by night, and wanna-be-artist. They couldn’t quite understand me or my art and didn’t want to even try.

What is my category how do they label me? I don’t shoot photographs nor throw clay. I don’t string jewelry making fashion pieces that adorn ones’ neck and arms. I do not use a palette to organize my colors.  I do not recycle old things and re-create something new. I’ve only made a mess when I’ve tried those things.  I make fractals. My palette is filled with codes of colors made from complex mathematical formulas where I have command of the spectrums like a pianist does his octaves. I am a pioneer in the field of amazing, one of a kind, vibrant, energetic, spiritual, new age and avant-garde art. I am a Fractal Artist.

You see, Beauty and Brains can be a dangerous combination and I have both. Dressed to the nines, I really looked great on their carpeting, when I stood on it, by the way.

The White Elephant Gift Exchange began. I was number 37 out of 49. I brought my partner to the party and he was number 26, which means, I had two gifts in the pile.

One gift included two of my custom NJoyFractals pillows, a custom duvet cover and a matching print to hang on the wall, completing the entire matching set and ensemble for any bedroom.

The other gift was a custom NJoyFractals shower curtain, towel set and matching print to hang on the wall, all of which were of a different choice and style from my NJoyFractals collections, a new and refreshing color scheme set for any bathroom makeover.
The first gift was picked from the pile and unwrapped. it was a reindeer hat complete with lights and bells attached to the antlers, and a switch, that when flipped to the “on” position, played an annoying song while the lights blinked all around the person’s heads who was wearing it. It was funny to watch a bunch of grown-ups fight over that hat the first few rounds…fortunately, there was a two time turn over rule for any gift, so the fun was limited. The gag got old and the next number, number 7 didn’t want it. So he picked from the pile without much thought and chose one of my boxes! Yikes, the owner of the home I was in. A well-known oil painter. The husband of the couple that walked away from the group of people who were chatting with me a while back! They both had turned their noses up at me and shook their heads as they passed by, I remembered. He was going to hate my gift, as nice as it was. He was going to HOPE someone else would want it and take it from them, fighting over it, like that hat with the lights and bells on it. So I sat and waited for him to open it. Anticipating his worst reaction… Lots of noise around the room by onlookers…   “Big box!” “Good pick!” “It’s going to be a gag gift!” “Drats, I wanted that one, I’m number 17.” Tons of commentary was happening while he unwrapped my gift.

He pulls two small towels out… “What are they? Napkins?” I hear from the crowd.  Then someone says, “A cloth to wipe your spilled oil paint with?” They all start to laugh. He reaches in and pulls out two more towels, just bigger ones and I hear, “Hahaha, a drop cloth!” More laughter. Jeez. I’m doomed.

And then, he pulls out the shower curtain. It was in a separate package and he had to open that separately. And when he did, he had his wife and the other artists sitting next to him unfold it and hold it up for everyone to see. And That’s when it happened. The room grew silent. No one laughed this time. They couldn’t, they were in absolute awe. They had never seen anything like it before. They were floored. Stunned! All they seemed to be able to mutter was an “ohhhhhhhh,” sound. Someone peeped into the box and saw that it wasn’t empty and said look, there’s more. He reached in and pulled it out unwrapping the matching print. That’s when they realized it was my gift.  They recognized the print from the gallery. It was like an unveiling of a Michelangelo.

I was like the winner of a big award and all of a sudden everyone wanted to know more. As the commotion continued the wife attempted to secretly pack the box back up with her husband’s lovely score in attempts to hide it from the future numbers lined up to pick a gift from the pile. Not a chance. The next number, number 8 took the gift from the husband without hesitation. His wife began to steam. Number 14 took it from number 8. Number 22 chose my second gift box. This time she pulled the pillows out first and everyone lost their minds! “OH my God! Pillows!” “I want them! I want them!” I heard a bunch of times. And then out came the duvet cover. They couldn’t control themselves. “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that!” “What a great idea!” “They’re incredible!” “That’s your art Nina? On the pillows? Really?” “I can’t do that with my Clay-What a great idea!” “I want them. I’m stealing that gift, I’m the next number!” I’m number 25. I’m stealing that box from you!” It was really hysterical to watch grown-ups fight over pillows and a duvet cover, but they did. Number 25 did end up with it in the end. The other two winners that had to give up my gifts actually approached me after the party and inquired about a personal orders, one for gift sets for their children and new grandchild, the other for their guest house as they are remodeling it and wanted to design it around the artwork.

And so it began….

NJoyFractals-Luxury Interior Design & Home Décor


spacefractal1Naming “Galaxy 11:11,” was a very interesting process, indeed.  

Altair, Vega and Deneb, were the first images in my Galactic collection to appear.  

The stunning trio of panels turned out to be quite a sensation in the interior design world. Many requests came for more space like fractals, so I began to download my second.

At first an orb came through and then another orb came through. I thought, “Boring” and questioned, their point? (Pardon the pun!) Then a formula created a texture which highlighted the big orb with a sensational bright and glowing orange melon color. I began to experience it as a work in progress.

When it appeared to be finished, without yet a name, I made a test copy. The general consensus commented saying, “Yes! Print it!”

But I had to be certain. So I waited…

One evening, the image spoke to me in a way that I knew it was ready to become public, or “be born.” That’s really how I refer to them, “to be born.” To me it is much like a birthing process.  The fractal comes through me and I bear witness to its becoming itself. And then in turn, I have to wait for the name to come through.    Continue reading →

The life of an artist is like a rollercoaster. It is the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. It is sleepless nights of nurturing an idea and a constant reminder in humility and gratitude.

I grew up as the kid of a rock star. My dad is a famous musician, (alright, the cat’s out of the bag). Hanging out with him when I was young, going to the studios, listening to the most incredible musicians play music, jam, record, and then party afterwards was like being on the ultimate and most exhilarating roller coaster ever! The way my father has captured the ability to play his saxophone is art. An art that emits sound so fluently, it’s as if he makes his sax speak words with each note that he blows. To hear music like this captivates the audience in such a dreamy way that it tends to create a fantasy of colors, fills the listener with passion, relaxes their state of mind.  Music often brings back memories, evoking the heart to reminisce.

I was surrounded by artists of many disciplines. My grandmother a concert pianist, was the only person I’d practice in front of. She had the ear of an artist to not only play concert music with her hands, but also to listen, and with the most critical ear of a perfectionist, she could hear a note just a tiny bit off key, or when I didn’t strike a key with the proper touch. Her ear was an artistic brush of refinement. I can hear her correcting me as I write this,” Ah, ahh! Play it again!” she’d say in her high voice, leaving me no choice but to go back to the beginning of the complex Mozart Sonata I was playing at the piano.

My entire life I’ve been compelled to become something, to be some kind of an artist. I knew it was within me. Yet, I always felt I came up short. My attempts in art classes were a joke compared to the others that turned in amazing projects. I sketched a French Horn once. I think it was one of the proudest things I drew. I could never figure out how an artist could see something with their eye and then put it on paper in the proper perspective. I tried. I had books on drawing eyes, mine were always crooked. Noses, same thing. What I drew belonged on animals, not humans. And instead of running out of pencil lead, I was always running short on erasers. Really.

I tried pottery, and my aunt bought me a chunk of clay and a wheel to throw it on. The clay ended up a part of the soil in the yard. My concept of me throwing clay on a wheel for the first time, was to make something incredible, like a finished piece about 15 feet tall, and not just a coffee cup, as a beginner would attempt. Obviously, that failed too. I ended up making ashtrays and other things like pipes, disguised to look like toilet bowls, they were incognito for my pot smoking friends. Sold them like hot cakes. But it was a temporary commodity in my teenage community.

I’ve acted, I’ve danced, I’ve modeled. I never sang even though I tried, because I can’t really carry a tune, not even in a suitcase.  I’ve made jewelry and still have thousands of dollars’ worth of amazing beads, stones, semi-precious stone, crystals and wires to continue making more lavish pieces of adorning art. Somehow, these pastime and creative outlets have fallen to the wayside.

Regardless of the ups and downs and disappointments’ at trying to figure out who I am as an artist, there is one thing that’s never left me. It is the creative spark that is ignited within me when I have an idea; my wheels start spinning. More importantly, the biggest factor involved that I’ve never let go of, is the passion and determination to continue onward, even after all the failed attempts. To be able to believe in myself that I have the ability to do anything I want if I put my mind to it.

All along, I’ve been an artist in search of my art.

Nina Joy Rizzo © 2016      www.NJoyFractals.com

Nina Joy Rizzo is the creator of colorful peace-enhancing geometric designs known as FRACTALS—repeated shapes that mirror the symmetry in nature and the force fields surrounding us. Every Fractal is alive and breathing. They are living keys of color that open doorways to inner secrets. Each piece is infused with the healing rays of the Angels. Fractals radiate soothing energy and have a positive effect on your vibrational frequencies; JUST TUNE IN

By using Complex Math, Quantum Physics, Vibrating Colors, and Cellular Intuition Nina Joy creates her world famous NJoyFractals. Once completed, she infuses Angelic Healing energy into each compelling image. Nina Joy’s vision is to capture the energetic resonance and frequency of the colors which captivates her audience and speaks to the individual at an unconscious and higher soul level. At least one is bound to speak to you. Don’t just“See the colors”“Listen to them.”

I live in Sedona, Arizona – Home of the World Famous Red Rocks and Healing Energy Vortexes.

I create my Healing Energy Spiritual Sacred and Cosmic Art – NJoyFractals – in alignment with Three of the Five World Famous Healing Energy Vortexes; Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Hi There!  My name is Nina Joy Rizzo and I have been playing with COLOR, TEXTURE and MOVEMENT as long as I can remember.

I have made Company Logo’s, EMF Blocker’s, Commissioned designs and Personalized Fractals from your Own Energy Field-

Find your perfect colors today click the “Shop” tab and have fun decorating any wall in your living space.

Create A Colorful Day!
Nina Joy

During a deep meditative state I first saw fractals, although at the time, I had no idea what it was I was seeing! It was my thirtieth birthday, and I had chosen to sit at a cozy and beautiful grassy spot on the ledge of a mountainside in Palm Springs, California. It was my favorite spot to sit and meditate. From a deep state of mind, I saw an image that I can only describe as a tile that was spinning in air. It had suddenly appeared from the corner of my right eye and looked like a piece of bread being thrown into the air as it went into a spin before me. As it was spinning, I could see its colors. The colors appeared as big blobs of red and blue. The tile finally came to a stop far out into the distance. I was attracted to it but honestly it had no special significance to me. Then, out of nowhere, from the corner of my left eye at the edge of my peripheral vision, another tile began spinning wildly. It spun over to the first tile and locked neatly on to it as it came to a stop; the two had a smooth landing. The tile was also colorful but was quite different from the first. This too meant nothing to me. Then, a third tile moved into sight spinning from the right side and locking into the first two. And, then a fourth tile came from the left, followed by a fifth from the right. I could see that each one was different in color. They stacked themselves neatly one on top of the other. Once they did this a magnificent design appeared. I got to see the most beautiful kaleidoscopic image. I stared at it for quite some time. I somehow disengaged the tiles from each other in order to inspect them individually. Then I put them back together again to appreciate their collective design. Separately they meant little or nothing, but together they seemed to mean something very important. After further gazing, in the center of the image an opening appeared and I heard a voice say, “This is the key to the universe. All you need to do is figure out how to stack the tiles and they will form a vortex for you to pass through. It will take you where you need to go and will provide a key to the universe; your universe, the universe as you will come to understand the meaning/mystery/the message.”

For years I carried that memory with me of that day and I hoped that one day I would understand its meaning. Eighteen years later, during an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Course, the vision suddenly came back to me with new insight.
Although I started to make fractal art before taking the IET course, it wasn’t until that moment when I put it all together. It happened in a brief discussion at the end of the class with my teacher that a door to the mystery opened. I was showing her some of the fractals in printed form and began to explain how I made them. We discussed their value and the usage of the fractals when she asked me what had inspired me to create these beautiful images. She added her observations by saying, “To me, they are like keys, insignias, stamps or seals.” That’s when it happened as she was referring to the patterns as “keys” that it triggered the memory of the long-ago mediation experience, eighteen years before.

This is one of my newest pieces and will be unveiled on display and available for sale at my
Solo Exhibition Open Studio Tour
August 12th–14th

It is named “Aurokel”
30″ x 30″ x .5″ on metal

Aurokel has come to invoke and awaken the mysterious and sacred gifts which reside within your very own temple.
Just Tune In.or

“It took nearly 50 years for me to discover that Inspiration can exist in Fractal Art: The viewer can tap into Higher Consciousness. Find Balance through Complex Numbers. Hear the Sound of Colorful Cosmic Music. Identify a potential catalyst for Positive Change. Fractals Emanate a Peaceful and Relaxing Resonance throughout Multi-Dimensional Space.”

-Nina Joy Rizzo, June 2016

Adults never explain to children the importance of Math—the building blocks in the cosmos, the formation of the physical universe, the beauty of things grown naturally or fabricated. Neither did I know the fun you can have playing with Math. As a child, I would have preferred to know there was DESIGN in Math; tangible, intriguing and creative. Had I known, everything would’ve been easier.

As a child, I was strongly attached to a Spirograph, using colored pens in the tiny holes of the various wheels. I ruminated over which color to pick although there were only a handful in existence in the late sixties. Once I had completed the spinning of the “cool” designs, I’d color in the spaces they created, stimulating the brain until I had my fill and came to rest.

In middle school, adults told me, “Math is important, you can be an engineer and build bridges when you grow up.” Ugh! The possibilities were equally incomprehensible when they said, “You can be a physicist or scientist if you learn math.” Although I was able to imagine becoming a person in these professions because the thoughts evoked intrigue to my young mind, they still remained impossible to grasp as I struggled to simply get by in Math class, passing notes to kill the time; only later assigned to a Tutor.

Existing in the body of an adult, still longing for a second chance at childhood, I find myself creating Fractals. Merging concepts of Quantum physics while flirting with colors. ART EXPERIMENTS WITH MATH.


When I created “Karlion”, I had a flashback, a connection to my childhood: The moment I saw the completed image, I remembered the countless hours I had spent playing with my Spirograph. Then, it hit me! Wow! Coming full-circle, I was playing with Math!

If only Kindergarten had been solely devoted to Math Made Interesting, my path in life would have been shorter, far more direct and a lot Less stressful. What my journey has taught me is,


Stimulate the mind at an early age. Hang a fractal in your child’s room.


Home Décor Mojito for all


A different kind of Mojito

Earth tones, inspiring greens all accented with flashes of sunshine and brightness are three easy ways to make a room worth relaxing in.

Get grounded after a long day by setting a peaceful and earthy feng shui mood with the touch of earth and bamboo under your feet. Float away upon cushions of Zen calling you away from the busyness of your day. Melt away while you sip a Mojito of refreshing and revitalizing greens, all colors which help you escape your day.

Clean, earthy and renewing. Beige brings calm neutrals in your space. By adding the flavor of a delicious minty zest to your home, well, you will see what happens! This will add guaranteed refreshment to your home, office or living space while keeping things on an even keel.


Home interior 3D rendering

Although pink may not always be your first choice, it certainly can be one that adds life, pizzazz, and Hollywood style glamour to the way you finally settle in and feel comfy in your living space. Of course, we’re not talking about just a plain pink. As you can see here, this fabulous NJoyFractals appropriately named “Razzle Me” really shows itself off in this room. Not only do we have the basic pink shade exemplified in the heart, but enhanced with edges of gold trim and floating shimmers of pale silvered blush designs these colors all amidst the rich deep raspberry background, really make this magical and delicious focal point perfectly refreshing for the summer days ahead. Adding the black accents pull it all together, grounding the energy in a special way for you, in this spectacular room.  www.NJoyFractals.com Custom sizes available.


Perhaps, The Bath is the single most important installation in the house, although it is often the very last to be decorated.

The Bath is so-o many things: Sometimes it is closed tight and intimate, locking up the Spirit in a protective dim glow.  Other times, it is gloriously spacious beckoning the brilliance of a new day.  Nonetheless, we enter desperate to rid ourselves of the toil and stress of daily struggle with urgency.

The Miracle of the Bathroom is in the stoic silence it possesses; awaiting our most pressing need. The Bath offers us the stepping stone into a zone of comfort, a place of rest and repose.

In The Bath, our soul purpose is to. . .

Renew, Rethink, Rewind, Release, Relax, Reinvent and Rejuvenate.

As we give up the old and tired exterior, magically we restore a vital interior part of ourselves.

The Mastery of Art in The Bath is in the unimposing message it carries.  The Bath Art creates an ambience conducive to our collective needs.  An artistic selection would best reflect calmness and low energetic movement. Contrast and clutter are unacceptable.

A fine choice for The Bath might be one of these. . .
MOM FROM THE LOTUS is an unimposing array of rich and luscious browns showcased by a hint of bronze flair. These melted chocolate waves traverse the surface and offer us a moment of reprise and contemplation.  When we gaze into its labyrinth, we are swept along a trajectory.  The energy follows us, guiding us as we delve deeper into our own thoughts.  As the exterior world melts away, we are gracefully welcomed inside our own Temple. Here, we can be at peace.


PHETOOSH is a charmer for The Bath.  While maintaining its elegant appearance which suggests a slab of quality Italian marble, the colors and energy of this image are bold and daring. The nonsymmetrical patterns have neither beginning, nor end.  Soft and soothing infusions are eye-pleasing hues of terra cotta and beige inviting the Spirit to be free.  We tune into a crystalline source of earthly beauty and grace that grounds and surrounds us as we enjoy private time.

MAYAN SHADOWS immerses us in water.   When we require an ocean in the palms of our hand, it gives us blue serenity, a calm so subtle, we forget its presence but feel the immense force of its nature. With a blend of golden brown the hints of sand along the ocean floor, we watch our feet sink deeper into the Earth that centers us.

mayan shadows

Indeed, we have many rooms in the house. And each room contains a different energy.  Each has a rank of importance. Consider the benefits of raising the ranks of The Bath to a higher elevation.  Adorn it with a stunning image by NJoyFractals.


NJoyFractals © 2016