Amazing Artwork in the Kid’s Room

“It took nearly 50 years for me to discover that Inspiration can exist in Fractal Art: The viewer can tap into Higher Consciousness. Find Balance through Complex Numbers. Hear the Sound of Colorful Cosmic Music. Identify a potential catalyst for Positive Change. Fractals Emanate a Peaceful and Relaxing Resonance throughout Multi-Dimensional Space.”

-Nina Joy Rizzo, June 2016

Adults never explain to children the importance of Math—the building blocks in the cosmos, the formation of the physical universe, the beauty of things grown naturally or fabricated. Neither did I know the fun you can have playing with Math. As a child, I would have preferred to know there was DESIGN in Math; tangible, intriguing and creative. Had I known, everything would’ve been easier.

As a child, I was strongly attached to a Spirograph, using colored pens in the tiny holes of the various wheels. I ruminated over which color to pick although there were only a handful in existence in the late sixties. Once I had completed the spinning of the “cool” designs, I’d color in the spaces they created, stimulating the brain until I had my fill and came to rest.

In middle school, adults told me, “Math is important, you can be an engineer and build bridges when you grow up.” Ugh! The possibilities were equally incomprehensible when they said, “You can be a physicist or scientist if you learn math.” Although I was able to imagine becoming a person in these professions because the thoughts evoked intrigue to my young mind, they still remained impossible to grasp as I struggled to simply get by in Math class, passing notes to kill the time; only later assigned to a Tutor.

Existing in the body of an adult, still longing for a second chance at childhood, I find myself creating Fractals. Merging concepts of Quantum physics while flirting with colors. ART EXPERIMENTS WITH MATH.


When I created “Karlion”, I had a flashback, a connection to my childhood: The moment I saw the completed image, I remembered the countless hours I had spent playing with my Spirograph. Then, it hit me! Wow! Coming full-circle, I was playing with Math!

If only Kindergarten had been solely devoted to Math Made Interesting, my path in life would have been shorter, far more direct and a lot Less stressful. What my journey has taught me is,


Stimulate the mind at an early age. Hang a fractal in your child’s room.


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